I’ve moved the blog + new post! {0}

Hey :) the co.nf. domain has been completely unreliable, so my brother has been kind enough to move my blog. The new url is susankhanoom.com, and I’ll be working on uploading images and such in the coming days. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already read those posts and seen the images though, so y’know…(…)

On how I have been working my butt off.. {0}

Teaching adults is hands down the most difficult and labour-intensive job I have had as of yet. I love (LOVE!!!) my job, but dear Lord is it ever a hard. I am no stranger to hard work (or so I think): one of my jobs involved manually removing the poo of a herd of yak/European(…)

On spam, my (awesome) subscribers and schizophrenia {0}

    I keep getting spam in the comments section, and it is all for make-up, cosmetic surgery and weight loss products (what are you insinuating spam-bots? If you relied on my search history, you’d find me stuff/products that gets dog-vomit out of carpets and books on how to learn all the rules of Norwegian(…)

Because in times of financial struggles, what we need is… {0}

  the conservatives to get in to power… I have been miserable all day due to the election results here in Norway (the conservatives won. There’s a coalition-thing going on, but the “hey-let’s-get drunk-of-off-cornerstore-booze-while-not-collecting-taxes-yet-somehow-building-more-nursing-homes-and-better-roads” people are now able to dictate what happens in my life. And, I resent it.  Back in my youth (when the(…)

I went to another conference; on the Nazi Genocide of the Roma {0}

So, another Saturday night, another blog-post (written Saturday, posted Sunday for proof-reading purposes. I do know (I’m pretty sure anyways) which day it is). I feel like I have been super-productive the last couple of days; I had the loveliest possible day yesterday (Friday). I went to work (I love my work, colleagues and the(…)