On Western (and Norwegian) Drug Policy. {6}

The good thing about having a tiny readership is that I can say whatever I want without having to worry about possible consequences. So, let me explain the ridiculousness of Norwegian narcotics/drug laws and express my opinions on how to improve the situation. Note that I am not in any way advocating the use of(…)

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When scientists get too honest

August Landmesser {0}

See the guy (encircled)? The image has been floating around on facebook with the captioning “Be this guy” or some-such. “This guy’s” name was (probably) August Landmesser, and the picture was taken in Hamburg, 1936, during a speech made by Adolf Hitler. August Landmesser was an awe-inspiring example of a ‘disobedient non-conformist’. Studies (namely Asch,(…)