On Oslo, junkies and the bystander effect

On Oslo, junkies and the bystander effect {1}

The downtown core of Oslo is about a 20 minute walk from my place. Lately I’ve been going down there pretty much every day. I go because I have nothing better to do, and because I get very easily bored (ridiculously so. Relaxing is really not my thing).  Anyway, there are a lot of hard(…)

On why you probably shouldn’t buy a new cell phone until your old one is busted {0}

I am not crazy about cell phones. I dislike all phones really, but I dislike cell phones in particular.  I am not important enough (in the big picture) to have to be available 24/7, and I am quite bad at talking on the phone. I interrupt the person I am talking to, because I can’t(…)

On Roma in Europe and Norway {0}

(Again) note; I do not claim to have the answers as to how the problem of the Roma could possibly be solved, that’s the domain of the authorities and the politicians (and I would make a horrible politician).  I observe and write notes because I have nothing better to do. That said, get to it(…)

Oslo (pt. 2) look at “Tourist in my own city” below first :) {1}


Tourist in my own city {1}