Men’s rights again

Men’s rights again {0}

  Sebastien made me aware of this article: Men’s rights posters. Please buy Sebastien’s/Aum Radio’s EP on Itunes (you’ll find it in the linked name), I can’t stop listening to it.

On Men’s Rights Advocacy Groups. {1}

  Ok, so we have feminists, of which I am one. I fully believe in gender equality (I believe in equality across the board really) and I respect men and women equally. The men I know like and/or love are morally upstanding lovely people whom I deeply respect. I do not like generalized statements about(…)

On privilege

On privilege {0}

This very pretty lady is also super-smart and has great insight.

Dr. Grieg Fry’s lectures on toxic marine animals

Dr. Grieg Fry’s lectures on toxic marine animals {0}

These are too cool, I would have loved to sit in on the lectures! (posted with permission; thanks Bryan!). First lecture Second lecture

In other news.. {0}

it’s Friday night and I’ll be spending it doing laundry, scrubbing the toilet/shower-stall (YAY!!!!) and probably cracking a bottle of Trapiche. I wish I could travel somewhere.