More on Dublin {0}

Ireland has seen some problems, both historically and more currently. The current issue is of course the economic situation. We met a super-interesting cab driver who told us much about migration from Ireland (currently mainly to Australia and Canada).The situation has improved from 2009-2010 to now; Ireland’s economic growth is at about 2%, and considering(…)

Oi! Demonstrations! {0}

It has been a very odd day. Recall the thing about pro-life (anti-abortion/anti-choice) and pro-choice I posted yesterday? The demonstrations were today.   We were asked (kindly) to join the pro-choice side, and we did (really, all we did was to put the yellow “7 years for rape, 14 years for abortion?” sticker on our(…)

Dublin {0}

I’m in Dublin and I’ve taken some pictures.   In terms of economists though, I like Keynes, and I like this quote in particular:   Ireland is bizarre in some respects. My mother and I saw several young girls handing out fliers for this event. It seemed to be a reaction to the public meeting(…)

Insomnia {0}

I am an insomniac. I listen to (sometimes cheesy) music to cope: Ella Elle L’a Waving flag  The love song  Aischa  Nilsen M.I.A (I love this video so much).  

Bryan’s excellent lecture on arthropods of medical importance

Bryan’s excellent lecture on arthropods of medical importance {0}

  A very worthwhile read (Re-posted with permission; thanks Dr. Grieg Fry!)