About me

My comforting skills have since improved. Shot was taken in Mashad, Iran.











There’s really not a whole lot to say. I am a Norwegian-Iranian woman with an educational background in psychology/globalization & development. I am currently living in Oslo, Norway, but have lived in several other countries and I might very well live in others still in the future. I have worked as a zookeeper, (I love animals!), as a research assistant (in schizophrenia/psychosis research), and I am currently working as a teacher. I love (and collect) old erroneous maps and fossils, and I have a lot of other interests, some of which include political psych, human rights and critical psychology. I am awfully opinionated and curious, and have as such probably offended more people than I could possibly count (and I’m pretty good at counting if I may say so myself).

That’s about it.