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I love this kid!

I love this kid! {0}

.A 12 year old boy describes conditions in Egypt. What a cool child: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeDm2PrNV1I&feature=youtu.be

More on Dublin {0}

Ireland has seen some problems, both historically and more currently. The current issue is of course the economic situation. We met a super-interesting cab driver who told us much about migration from Ireland (currently mainly to Australia and Canada).The situation has improved from 2009-2010 to now; Ireland’s economic growth is at about 2%, and considering(…)

Oi! Demonstrations! {0}

It has been a very odd day. Recall the thing about pro-life (anti-abortion/anti-choice) and pro-choice I posted yesterday? The demonstrations were today.   We were asked (kindly) to join the pro-choice side, and we did (really, all we did was to put the yellow “7 years for rape, 14 years for abortion?” sticker on our(…)

Dublin {0}

I’m in Dublin and I’ve taken some pictures.   In terms of economists though, I like Keynes, and I like this quote in particular:   Ireland is bizarre in some respects. My mother and I saw several young girls handing out fliers for this event. It seemed to be a reaction to the public meeting(…)

Insomnia {0}

I am an insomniac. I listen to (sometimes cheesy) music to cope: Ella Elle L’a Waving flag  The love song  Aischa  Nilsen M.I.A (I love this video so much).