Dr. Grieg Fry and his (obnoxiously long) list of published scientific works. {0}

Sometimes I feel inadequate. Other times I feel more inadequate (<–I fluctuate between the two states. My emotional spectrum is quite complex). When I see someone, roughly the same age as myself (whom I have known online for over a decade), who has contributed to (or has been the sole author of) 66 published scientific(…)

Oslo again (miscellaneous pics taken at different times :)). {0}

  So, I’ve amassed an impressive number of pics on my phone. I just get carried away when I see something neat or distinctly Oslo-ian. I teach (adults) about Norwegian society and culture, so these pics come in handy at times (also, some of the students are aware of this blog; I am not sure(…)

On randomness, cognition, the Law of Attraction and Rumsfeld/Cheney {0}

    I am no longer miserable. It is Saturday night, and I will spend it on the couch, with the dog and my computer. My day has otherwise been filled with fun and games; I have visited my parents (which was nice); dropped by work to correct a few more tests (DEAR LORD THERE(…)

On silly sayings, self-disclosure and my efforts at numbing awful feelings {0}

I am one of those people who don’t agree with the notion that one should keep ones feelings to oneself. I do in no way think that self-disclosure is a bad thing (<–Psych-major, heh!); it makes others empathize, it shows that we’re all human, and unless you have some serious skeletons in your closet, you’ll(…)

Ill Doctrine, Jay Smooth and Racism {0}

  Jay Smooth is just great! (vid).  Make sure to check out his vlog.