I’ve been busy…{0}

I have a lot (and I mean *A Lot*) of stuff going on at the current time, so I have not had time to write much. I do promise that I’m going to write another post tomorrow (or the next day) though :) (Sufi suggested a suitable topic and I’m going with it). I have nevertheless had (some) time to read,  and holy wow, this is absolutely nuts!

I do not like the direction in which Europe (or the majority of the western world really) is heading at the current time. I’m getting Thatcher-ite/Ayn Rand/Atlas Shrugged-kind of vibes, and it bothers me.

I’ll probably be spending the rest of the night over at cuteoverload.com  (while hugging Nik).


This is Niko/Nik, the resident terrierist. He picks fights with much larger and much scarier dogs, and he burps audibly/visibly on a frequent basis. He is also quite adorable :)