On how I have been working my butt off..{0}

See this guy? His name is Maurice. Once temps went under 5 degrees Celsius, he would try to buck me off.  Teaching adults is hands down the most difficult and labour-intensive job I have had as of yet. I love (LOVE!!!) my job, but dear Lord is it ever a hard. I am no stranger to hard work (or so I think): one of my jobs involved manually removing the poo of a herd of yak/European bison/’insert-herbivore-who-appear-to-produce-more-poo-in-a-day-than-the-amount-of-food-they-consume-in-a-week’ here- because that’s about 85% of a zookeepers job. Poo-removal. You don’t get to cuddle the animals (some of them even want to hurt you); feeding is just a minor part of the job, but you sure get familiarized with the various types of poo and the methods utilized in  poo-removal. I have also worked with animals that were downright dangerous, and at times, quite labour-intensive. The horses were the most so. Horses are really quite dangerous, though lovely creatures indeed. I have a permanent back-injury that has left me unable to go for even short jogs because of  serious falls. I have also worked with venomous and non-venomous snakes/reptiles, and besides some of the pit-vipers and New Guinean Elapids (UGH!), I’ve never had a problem. I have crunched data and tested (in every which way) patients with schizophrenia (does this sound braggy by now? I didn’t intend for it to sound braggy. Just keep in mind that we’re talking poo and data-points) but it was (mostly) always my pleasure.

Anyway, teaching is hard. There is always something that could or should be improved (Why, Hello there neurosis!); there’s always a question you can’t answer, and there’s always a student (or several, particularly so if you work with refugees) who is struggling and whom you just cannot help. So yeah. It is a difficult job. And it never ends, because you could always do better.  So, today has just been one of those days where I doubt myself and my abilities/capacity..

Nevertheless, I’m going for a conference tomorrow, and though it is on a grim topic, I’m quite exited to attend it! :) (I get time off work to attend conferences! How cool is that? :)).