On moving the blog and how I intend to write a blog-post about emotional manipulation{1}

My co.nf. domain is buggy. It is down about 60% of the time. I really resent unreliability, so I think I’ll be moving (I have registered susankhanoom.com for simplicity’s sake. I’ll likely move the site this weekend).

In other news,  I have 12 subscribers! Three of those have very similar email-addies/handles (maybe a friend who didn’t remember having registered earlier?) and another of them is Sufi (who helps me administer the blog. Sufi’s actually the reason I’m writing at all, He’s been telling me to do so for years).

Nevertheless, I’m just thrilled that anyone  at all cares to read my blog. It’s not exactly covering the cheeriest of topics, and people dislike sad/difficult subject-matter.

I love you subscribers!

I think I’ll be writing a post on emotional manipulation and the psychology of it shortly. I could sum it up in “it sucks, it’s cruel and don’t ever do it”  but I think it deserves a little more of an in-depth analysis. There are self-help and pop-psychology books/mags (urgh..) out there encouraging people to mess with others emotions for the sake of profit, of winning them over, of getting laid, or simply to secure a “good” relationship (I am looking at you ”Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” you garbage piece of trash you. “Psychology today” falls into the same category.). I believe that if you have to manipulate someone to be with you, help you or like you, you’re off to a pretty poor start. Sincerity and honesty  probably provides a much better starting-point.

They are also (in my opinion and in the actual research literature) dead-wrong, and will leave those who are vulnerable hurting. An awful lot.

Do I overanalyze everything?

Yes. Yes I do.